Technical Product Information

HTS - Heat Trace Cables

Function - Self-regulating heating tapes

Self-regulating heating tapes consists of two parallel buswires, embedded in a semi-conductive self-regulating matrix. This means that the heating cable automatically responds to changes in ambient conditions. With increase in temperature, the synthetic material expands by molecular force, and the connections between the carbon particles diminish. This is reducing the load of the heating cable. Conversely, as the temperature decreases, the load increases as the connections between the carbon particles increases accordantly. Thus, the heating power varies according to the temperature of the surface the heating tape is applied to. Self-regulating heating tapes will not overheat or burnout - even when overlapped.

Function - Parallel constant power heating tapes

Parallel Constant Power Heating Tapes consists of two tinned copper buswires, which are extruded into a silicone rubber core. At a precise distance, a notch is automatically cut into the Silicone Rubber to expose the tinned copper buswires. A resistance wire heating element is wrapped around the core. This heating element is soldered to the tinned copper buswires with a high temperature lead free solder and non-corrosive flux. A silicone rubber inner Insulation is extruded over the completed core and a tinned copper braid is added. Over this braiding, a silicone outer jacket is extruded.