ThermTrace® Regular


Properties of heating tape

• Self-regulating

• 4 power output ranges

• Cut-to-length

• Approved for use in hazardous areas

• Also available as Halogen-free version

Technical data

Maximum exposure temperature (unpowered): 85°C

Maximum operating temperature: 65°C

Nominal voltage: 230V

Min. bending radius: 25mm

Min. installation temperature: -45°C

Buswires: nickel plated copper


The ThermTrace Regular is a construction and industrial grade self-regulating heating tape that may be used for freeze protection and low-temperature maintenance of pipes, vessels and tanks. It is approved for use in hazardous areas. The BOT version of the ThermTrace Regular even withstands aggressive chemicals, oil and fuel.

Properties of heating tape



Power output 

on insulated

metal pipes

at 10°C (W/m)

Maximum permissive
temperature (°C)



15 TTR-2  10 


12.5 x 4.0

25 TTR-2  20  85  12.5 x 4.0
33 TTR-2  33  85  12.5 x 4.0
40 TTR-2  40  85  12.5 x 4.0
10 TTR-2-BO  10  85  14.0 x 5.7
20 TTR-2-BO  20  85  14.0 x 5.7
33 TTR-2-BO  33  85  14.0 x 5.7
40 TTR-2-BO  40  85 14.0 x 5.7
10 TTR-2-BOT 10 85 14.0 x 5.7
20 TTR-2-BOT 20 85 14.0 x 5.7
33 TTR-2-BOT 33 85 14.0 x 5.7
40 TTR-2-BOT 40 85 14.0 x 5.7

Product ordering information:

TTR-2: Cable with first insulation only

TTR-2-BO: Cable with protective braid and thermoplastic overjacket

TTR-2-BOT: Cable with protective braid and fluoropolymer overjacket


The TR is also available as Halogen-free version!

Ordering Codes are:

10TTR-2-BO (hf)

20TTR-2-BO (hf)

33TTR-2-BO (hf)

40TTR-2-BO (hf)

Maximum recommended length of heating circuit at 230 VAC using Type-C circuit breakers:








10TTR  10A  130m 



10TTR  16A 175m 143m 100m 
10TTR   20A  177m 147m  123m
10TTR  32A 178m 150m 125m
20TTR  10A 69m   51m  35m
20TTR  16A  110m   77m  58m
20TTR  20A  125m 100m 70m
20TTR  32A  131m  112m 90m
33TTR  10A  53m  40m  27m
33TTR  16A  85m 62m  45m
33TTR  20A  105m  80m 55m
33TTR  32A  114m  100m  70m
40TTR  10A  37m 29m 20m
40TTR  16A 59m  46m  34m
40TTR 20A  70m  58m 44m
40TTR  32A 95m 85m 69m

Temperature (°C) / Loading (W/m) diagram