HTS - Heat Tracing Systems

manufacturer of high-performance heat tracE cables

Worldwide Specialists in Electric Heat Tracing

The HTS Group of companies is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance heat tracing cables in the world. From our core production unit HTS Global Production GmbH with manufacturing plants in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, we successfully cater to major and niche markets worldwide. Due to our sophisticated network of international subsidiaries and distributors, we can ensure prompt deliveries and unique customer service for the entire range of our heat tracing products. At HTS Global, we are proud to offer our customers the full spectrum of heat tracing solutions designed to meet all possible heating needs.

Application Areas


  • Freeze protection of pipes in the oil, gas and chemical business
  • Internal pipe trace heating
  • Heating of tanks and vessels
  • Freeze protection of instruments
  • Process temperature maintenance of pipes and vessels
  • Long distance pipeline heating
  • Antenna heating
  • Rail and Switchpoint heating


  • Freeze protection of pipes
  • Roof and Gutter Heating
  • Temperature maintenance of hot water systems
  • Snow and ice prevention of roads, ramps, walkways
  • Residential fuel oil tank heating
  • Ice protection systems for airports and helicopter platforms
  • Underfloor heating

HTS Brands

HTS ThermTrace®

Our ThermTrace series of high-performance self-regulating tapes offers the most advanced and reliable solutions for high to low-temperature applications. 

HTS eHeat®

With the eHeat series, HTS Global has introduced a highly competitive and reliable product line of self-regulating heating tapes.