Therm Control Standard

Standard Thermostat

ThermControl Standard 0-40

ThermControl Standard 0-90

ThermControl Standard 50-200


Junction box/thermostat units designed for the termination and temperature control of electric trace heating systems and other industrial applications. They can be used for frost protection and process temperature maintaining of pipe work and storage tanks.

Units may be used as an air sensing or pipe sensing thermostat.  

Available in different temperature ranges. 

The unit is supplied in the air sensing mode with capillary bulb fixed to the enclosure. Removal of the bulb from the housing tube converts the unit to pipe sensing.



• Simple to use

• Visible Set Point 

• ‘MAINS ON’ & ‘HEAT ON’ Indication

• Suitable for 110V and 230V Systems


• Pipe heating

• Frost protection and temperature maintenance 

• Use in non-hazardous areas

• Heat Tracing on pipes, valves and vessels

Name Temperature Range (°C)
ThermControl Standard 0-90 0 °C up to +90 °C
ThermControl Standard 50-200 50 °C up to +200 °C

Technical data

Enclosure: ABS & PC

Ingress Protection: IP 65

Dimensions (mm): 125 x 125 x 75

Weight (g): 550

Temperature Ranges (ºC): 0-40 / 0-90 / 50-200 

Sensor: Stainless Steel

Sensor Length (mm): 900mm 

(approx. from exit from enclosure)

Sensor Bulb dia (mm): 6

Max Conductor (mm²): 2.5

Rating: 16A